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Trump Wins: Can I Even Go Outside Now?

By T.Pierola There is nothing that I can do to express how much I feel right now. I think it’s because I feel so much for so many things, my … Continue reading

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On T-Swift’s “Shake It Off” Video

So T-Swift just released a new music video yesterday off her new album “1989” and she’s already getting hella backlash. In the video, Swift is depicted as dancing alongside various … Continue reading

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Since I’ve Been 20…

Since I’ve been 20, my dad has suffered a stroke. since i’ve been 20, i’ve been threatened with eviction, and my kitten almost taken from me. Since I’ve been 20, … Continue reading

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  I am resigning as Captain of the Quidditch League at Berkeley. Let me preface this letter with a disclaimer that it is in no way my intention to attack … Continue reading

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Publishing Internships Anonymous

By: Taylor Pierola To the college student, one of the major stepping stones to the “real” world is the promising experience of The Internship. The Internship is “the first job”; … Continue reading

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Cunty Insufferable Women

By: T. Pierola Recently there have been several UC Berkeley based Facebook pages that have been created specifically for the campus community. Of these pages, UC Berkeley Hookups and UC … Continue reading

March 7, 2013 · 11 Comments

Critique on Normative English classes

By: T. Pierola As a second year Cal student, I have only just begun to find some direction to my academic life here; what I will major in, what literature … Continue reading

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Modern Literature

By: Taylor Pierola English Major requirement so I can declare after this semester: 45C Modern literature. The topic sounded interesting enough. It would be a break from 18th century prose, … Continue reading

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